About us

Local flexibility being a regional leader

Envases Group is one of the most outstanding and innovative organizations in the packaging industry in America. Offers its customers a wide spectrum of packaging solutions for the food industries, personal care, home care and pharmaceutical.

It has 7 production plants located in Argentina and Colombia from where it supplies all its customers.

Envases Group has become a leader during the last 30 years in aluminum packaging, tin, rigid plastic or polish and different solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Customized solutions

At Envases Group we create packaging adapted to the needs of our customers in its design, size and shape helping to distinguish your product in the market.


Values ​​to build on


We offer our clients the highest quality packaging solutions that protect the integrity of their products until they reach the hands of their clients..


We rethink packaging every day to make a positive contribution, sustainable and meaningful to our customers and the environment.


We are driven by passion and our aspiration for knowledge and competence to make people's lives healthier, better and safer.

Code of conduct

Our mission is to responsibly provide the highest quality and sustainable packaging solutions to improve everyday life.. The key to our performance is a strong commitment to doing business with ethics and integrity..
Our Code of Conduct contains principles to guide our business, our clients, suppliers and other interested parties, as well as the environment in which we operate.

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